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Keratin Complex Hair Therapy

The Headliners Salon's dedicated professional stylists can also offer Coppola Keratin Complex treatment. The Coppola Keratin Complex uses the skin-cell-protecting protein keratin to strengthen and protect the hair, to provide it with more vitality and give it a restorative boost and is one of the best and mildest keratin products. This revolutionary keratin therapy is guaranteed to reduce frizz and curls, leaving the hair with a sleek, glossy, radiant shine, feeling soft and conditioned without damaging the individual hairs.

This therapy is gentle enough to use on all types of hairs; from colored treated to chemically processed and even highlighted!


Keratin Complex makes the hair:

  • Sleeker and softer
  • Straighter and shinier
  • Prevents tangling, making it easier to blow dry
  • Provides frizz control

Clients who would like to try this amazing keratin therapy are encouraged to contact our professional stylists to book an appointment for a free consultation at which they can discuss the price range and their ultimate hairstyle goal.

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