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The Importance of Communication Between Client and Hairstylist

Communication plays an important role in getting a good hairstyle, haircut, hair color or any reason that motives you to go to the hair salon. In Headliners Unisex Salon, the customer and the hairstylist must always have a clear understanding from the start. Good communication between the two of you (client/hairstylist) makes a big difference between confident and attractive.

Tips For Effective Communication in the Hair Salon 

  • Know what you want

In Headliners Unisex Salon Color Specialist we can only work with the information that you give us, would be better if you decide ahead of time what kind of cut and color you would like. This will help to have a more successful appointment.

  • If you don't know what you want, tell us what you are like

One of the best strategies that works perfect in Headliners is when you let us to know your personal-style preferences, lifestyle, and your hair's personality and quirks. As good stylists we will use all this information to create a custom look that will work for you.

Once all of your cards are on the table, you can rest assured that we have a much better idea of which direction to go in.

  • Visual communication is universal

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There is an old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that is true. It is definitely one of the first requests when you call to Headliners or your come into the salon. Showing a picture of the idea you have in mind for your hair can make things much clearer. People usually have the photos of their favorite celebrities, in the hopes that they can look like them too. As soon as we see this, we can have an idea on how to do it and at the same time, advise the client if this is a good idea.

  • Be realistic

We all want Victoria's Secret bombshell hair, but most of us are dreaming. When choosing a hairdo, take a realistic look at your lifestyle, tress type, amount of styling you want to do every day, and the investment you want to make. This will make it easier for us to please you when you sit down in the Headliners Unisex Salon chairs.

In Headliners we want to understand you better. But also we want you to love yourself and to love your hair. Help us to help you, and we promise you'll leave smiling and speaking the same language.

  • Spill your hair history

“Please let us know what you've done to your hair previously,” in Headliners the most important thing is to take care of your hair that’s why the importance for us to know any permanent or semi-permanent hair color, keratin treatments, hennas, if you heat style it often, or if you are a swimmer. They can all affect the result of any color, cut, or chemical service you get.”

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