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Pastel Colors

New Year, À La Mode Pastel Colors

New Year calls for a new and trendy look and pastel colors might just be what you are looking for. This 2017 we are welcoming our new ‘Blog’ section in the reformed Headliners Salon website! And what is better than starting off talking about the cutest and hottest trend of 2017, pastel colors. These glamorous and fun shades are always a go to for those seeking for a change in their everyday look, but before such decision it is important to know everything about getting a pastel color and how to maintain it from one of our Headliners color specialist.

For pastel colors our hair salon uses nothing but the safest and best products for your hair such as L’oreal Professionnel, Pravana, and Urban Shock by Scruples.  In order to achieve such colors you must professionally lighten your hair; the lighter the wanted color, the blonder the hair has to be.  “It is important to keep in mind that every hair is different; some take longer than other to decolorize” warns our color professional.  Another important point you must remember about these gorgeous pastel colors is that they fade quiet fast; deeper colors tend to last much longer than light pastel colors.  But the positive side out of this fact is that you can play with different pastel shades all year around!

Last but not least

These changes of look require high maintenance due to all the discoloration that your hair will have to go through. For that reason all of our specialized colorists recommend using color safe shampoos that not only will benefit your hair, but it will also help maintain pastel colors due to the lack of harsh detergent and sulfate. Along with a color safe shampoo, deep moisturizing conditioner that Headliners Salon offers will benefit your hair to remain as healthy as ever when you have the trendiest hair color of 2017.




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